Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process


1. Setting the scene

  • The importance of recruitment and selection and making the ‘right’ decision
  • The need for evidence

2. Legal aspects of recruitment

  • Overview of equal opportunity and other relevant legislation
  • Recruitment law quiz
  • Practical implications for managers

3. The process

  • An overview of your organization’s recruitment process
  • Key stages
  • Assessing the vacancy
  • Preparing effective job descriptions
  • Identifying knowledge, skills and behaviors required
  • Understanding competencies
  • Preparing effective person specifications
  • Advertising the vacancy
  • Short-listing against your selection criteria
  • Documentation

4. Selection methods

  • Understanding and using different selection methods
  • The interview – exploring common beliefs about interviewing
  • How to ensure objectivity

5. Preparing for interview

  • How to prepare for the interview
  • Effective questions that search for evidence against your criteria
  • Exercise: preparing competency/behavioral based behavioral questions
  • Questions to avoid
  • Other practical considerations

6. Interviewing techniques

  • How to structure an interview
  • Interviewing skills
  • Looking for STAR answers
  • Controlling the interview and closing the interview
  • Note-taking and maintaining records

7. Interviewing skills practice

  • Participants prepare for and conduct an interview in small groups
  • Feedback and building on this learning

8. Evaluating candidates and making the right decision

  • Objective decision-making
  • Recording the decision
  • Communicating the decision
  • Next steps

9. Putting it into practice – investigations

  • As a group, participants will prepare and conduct an investigation into an alleged incident in order to build knowledge, skill and confidence in this area.

10. And finally…

  • Action planning – identifying how participants will transfer this learning into the workplace and what else they may need which will help them to do this effectively
  • Review and close